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westminster city park

september 1, 2019

9 couples, 1 ceremony, 2000 guests and a festival for the ages!

DiningOut Events has teamed up with Ben Higgins to bring you The Wedding Party, a first-of-its-kind collaborative wedding ceremony, reception, and festival all rolled into one.

Our 9 couples of honor will walk the aisle in a stunning tent and take the stage for an inspirational, non-denominational ceremony officiated by Ben Higgins. After the vows, the couples will be announced and a massive wedding reception will commence with food from Denver's top local restaurants, cocktails mixed by the city’s best bartenders, and music for every taste as the band and DJ take the stage.

From wine and beer tents, to games, lounge areas, art installations, and mind-blowing wedding cakes and desserts, the party will be an event to remember.

the couples

We received hundreds of applications, interviewed dozens of couples, and are so excited to introduce the stars of The Wedding Party…the couples! Click on the pictured below to find out more about each couple, and be sure to head to our “Videos” tab to see all of the behind the scenes footage!


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The experience


Festival attendees are the invited guests of the 9 couples of honor. The Wedding Party will welcome all couples, straight, gay, bi-racial, multi-cultural, and without regard to religion. The betrothed will walk the aisle in a beautifully adorned tent and take the stage for an inspirational, non-denominational ceremony. They’ll say ‘I do.’ They’ll kiss. They’ll be introduced as married to a monstrous audience by popular television personality Ben Higgins of ABC’s "The Bachelor" franchise—and a party for the ages will commence.

30 of Denver's top local restaurants will dish bottomless bites of every food imaginable. The best mixologists in the city will work with top spirit brands to pour cocktails specially designed for the occasion. There will be wine tents, beer tents, game areas, lounge areas and art installations across the event.

And oh, the music. There will be a flavor for every taste as our band takes the stage and the dance floor will fill with intermingled revelers enjoying musical styles that span multiple genres and moods as the evening progresses. Top photographers and videographers will capture every angle. Wedding cakes and desserts will be taken to new levels.


the food

DiningOut has been publishing elegant magazines and guides to regional dining across the USA since 1998. In over 20 years of business, we have focused on serving as a 360-degree marketing resource for our advertising clients. In 2014, we segued into event production as yet another means to providing a platform where our local eateries can shine. Since then, DiningOut Events has developed a diverse line-up of its own themed food festivals, including TOP TACO, CHICKEN FIGHT!, and RARE, and has lent its culinary production experience to some of the largest events in Colorado!

Check out the lineup of amazing restaurants serving their signature bites at The Wedding Party!

More coming soon…

 the booze

MorE (yes, more!) coming soon…