AMY & MELissa



Hi everyone! We are Amy and Mel from Hamilton On, Canada. Our story began in January 2016, when we met online (I know, romantic) we got chatting and really hit it off.  A couple days later we met to watch an episode of our favourite Bachelor Ben (what are the odds). Mel’s TV wasn’t reconnected yet due home renovations, so we reluctantly decided to have our first date at my place. It was a little forward and some would say brave, but she showed up to my house that night and thankfully we both looked like our pictures and neither one of us ended up on an episode of dateline. We realized that we were both from small towns in northern Ontario and we found ourselves to have a lot in common and the conversation was effortless.

After a few months of dating we decided to take the next step and moved in together. We always had the best time hanging out and this way we’d get to do it all the time.  Since then, we have had the greatest adventures. We have been on countless road trips across the US, joined sports teams, concerts, camping, game nights and the list goes on. A year and a half later I (Amy) arranged a surprise proposal party at a restaurant in Niagara Falls with our friends and family.  With a little help from Mel’s twin sister, I was able to pull off this unforgettable night. I couldn't have pictured a better way to kick-start this journey than to celebrate with the people who matter most in our lives. Since being engaged, we had not set a wedding date and struggled with what to do as we did not want a conventional wedding. We are beyond excited to have this opportunity and to be able to share this day with other amazing couples, our friends and family, in what will be the best adventure yet!