Our story is legitimately a romantic comedy plot line. Eric and I met February 4, 2018 at a Superbowl Party (Fly Eagles Fly!!) that my best friend, Leigh Buckley, was throwing for her boyfriend, Jason Katz. Like myself, Eric showed up early to the party to help his friend/ex roommate/jujitsu brother set up for the party. We weren't introduced by our friends but as soon as the party started, I strategically planted myself next to Eric on a love seat. Leigh's mom, Susan Buckley, took some candid photos of us laughing and talking during the game. Not so discretely and with Eric sitting right next to me, Susan showed me these pictures and said 'See? This is what happiness can look like." To think that I could be dating my best friend's boyfriend's friend and previous roommate. Too good to be true, right? 

Before leaving early from the Superbowl party, Eric asked for my number in front of everybody at the whole party. Good move, Eric. Very smooth. And literally, the rest is history. After eight weeks of dating, we moved in together. And after 9 months and four days of being together, he asked me to marry him. And so our love story continues...