Candace & Brian



On a random Thursday in June, my roommate Josh had invited me to come to the Nuggets NBA Draft party that he was the host for at Stoney's Bar in Denver.  I had originally planned to work that night, but decided this sounded more fun and work could wait. When I arrived, it wasn't exactly what I had expected and I was quickly plotting my departure.  It was right about then that I finally spotted Josh and he began walking me over to a table of friends he thought I would enjoy meeting and hanging out with. En route to this table, we passed Brian - who was actually managing this event, and was on his way to his next task at hand.  We were quickly introduced and moved along.

As the night progressed, Brian was finally finished working and joined the table that I was seated at.  We were chatting the night away and learning of all the things we had in common. This is when Brian had discovered that I was also new to town and suggested that he show me around sometime - going in for the phone number.  Typically, I would have diverted, but decided something was different about this guy. We laughed and talked until it was time for me to head out. On the way out, Josh let me know that Brian's car was at the Pepsi Center and that perhaps he may need a ride back.  I immediately turned around and went back in to offer this man a ride - anything to spend just a few more moments with him. This quick drop off turned into an hour long conversation and then what seemed like the longest 5 days ever, while I waited until our very first date....