The Wedding Party - Applicant FAQ

  1. When and where will the event take place?

    • The Wedding Party will be held on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.  We are currently working on finalizing details for the location, but it will be within 30 miles from the downtown Denver Convention Center.

  2. What is the cost associated with being a part of The Wedding Party?

    • Each couple is responsible for 100 tickets ($150/ticket) for their family and friends.  This cost can be covered by the couple, or subsidised by your guests.

  3. What is included in the $15k fee?

    • Everything associated with the day of the event is included: Venue, tenting, stage, dance floor, music, all food and beverage, all decor, flowers/bouquets, seating, entertainment, digital copies of all photography & videography. Trasportation to and from the event for each couple is also included.

    • Not included: Travel and lodging, dresses/suits, photography prints/photo albums, pre-event activities

  4. Will there be 12 individual ceremonies?

    • The Wedding Party will be a group wedding and all 12 couples will get married together at 1 time!  While the ceremony will be combined, each bride/groom will have their own moment to walk down the aisle accompanied by the person you chose and to the song of your choice.  The ceremony will include a non-denominational speaker, exchanging of rings, a special vow presentation, and a group, “I do!”

  5. Am I limited to 100 tickets?

    • No! You are welcome to invite as many guests as you like, and are welcome to cover their ticket cost or have them purchase their own.

  6. Are children allowed to attend?

    • Yes!  The wedding party is open to all ages.  We just ask that guests with children are mindful that this is a festival with 2000 attendees, so please be sure to keep a close eye on your children in higher traffic areas.

  7. Can I still have bridesmaids/groomsmen?

    • You are welcome to have bridesmaids/groomsmen, but they will not be able to stand with you during the ceremony.  However, you can include them in photos and have them with you throughout the day of the event while you are getting ready!

  8. How will my guests be able to find me?

    • Each couple will have a designated area for friends and family to meet up.  Couples will also have a concierge day-of wedding planner assigned to them to help with scheduling throughout the night and making sure that your guests get time with you.

  9. I’m not from Denver, will you help me with hotels/lodging/activities for me and my guests?

    • We are working with Visit Denver to make sure that you and your guests are taken care of during your time here!  This includes giving you options for hotel blocks in different price ranges, a list of suggested activities for you and your guests, and connections to our restaurants in case you would like to schedule rehearsal dinners, brunches, etc.