Jenny & Noe



I (Jenny) met Noe 8 years ago at my very first job. As a 17 year old high school student, I thought what's a better way to meet some good looking dudes than to work at Hollister?! Noe, 19 at the time, was the new guy in the stockroom, so I ran back there to introduce myself and dropped a horrible flirty line.  A couple months later, after a late-night closing shift, he walked me to my car where he planted a smooch on me— our first kiss and the beginning of a 9 month chase until we made it “Facebook Official.” I’ve been smitten ever since!

We've been together for a little over 7 years and trust me when I say it was not always peachy. As we moved out of the "honeymoon phase," we started to deal with each other unfiltered— a time where both of our egos thrived. It was a constant struggle for us to grow up with each other and we couldn't understand why when we had so much love for each other.  After three years, we called it quits and we both experienced our first heartbreak. During this ugly phase, we took the time to fall and break— and I mean fully break. Self-doubt, sadness, and emptiness constantly showed up at our doorstep. Once we hit our own rock bottom, we both started to become curious within ourselves. Curious as to why we ended up this way... curious as to why it was so hard for us to admit how LUDICROUS we were acting and being in our relationship. Well, we spent the next 6 months after our split to work on ourselves and started asking the important questions that would help us discover the blind spots we were unconscious to. During our breakup, we stayed at a distance but also kept in touch here and there. We challenged each other to give the needed space and time to take a look in the mirror. Fortunately for us, after lots of trial and error, we checked our old egos at the door, took off that heavy armor, and began to experience a new us. We’ve learned how to take responsibility in who we were and how we were being in our past relationship, paving a new path for us to explore. We had to train ourselves to hold each other accountable whenever our sneaky egos would show up and taught each other how to love in the present and not from the past. Our love is like a Lotus Flower, we both have deep roots in muddy waters, thrive when there is darkness, and in the end, we always find our way to the light. The only way I can summarize this up is how freaking much we have grown up together and how gratifying it was to do it with each other. “When you know, you know.” Everything else in between is just a playground full of wild obstacles and recess never ends for us.