How to Get Married In a Group and Have Ben Higgins On Board

“Food festivals, wine festivals, music festivals, yoga festivals, art festivals, multicultural festivals, we have a fête or fair for it ALL. The wedding world hasn’t exactly gotten there yet, but since boho/indie/Coachella centric-celebrations have carved themselves a nice niche spot in nuptials over the last few years, it’s about time the festival format went live. So, if you want to be one of the pioneers behind the ‘all in this together’ tie-the-knot trend, then you absolutely can.”

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Group Weddings Are Now a Thing With "the Wedding Party" Festival

“For some couples, saving money on a wedding is more important than a personalized day. If the idea of tying the knot with dozens of other couples in one big group wedding celebration sounds right up your alley, you're in luck…”

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Exclusive: Bachelor Ben Higgins Is Planning a Wedding (But It’s Not His Own)

“For The Wedding Party, we are ‘making tradition’ by leaving some of the old, antiquated ideas about weddings behind,” Higgins says. “We are asking our production team and the couples we are working with to step out of the box when it comes to their ideas. We have no roadmap for this festival since it has never been done before, so we are making new and innovative ‘traditions’ as we go.” Full Article Here


'Bachelor' Ben Higgins on Why He’s Still a Romantic, and May Start DM’ing People Soon (Exclusive)

“I really am focusing on making the experience intimate and meaningful for the couples," Higgins says of his role. "And then we hope to do this in a couple of locations, highlighting the food and music of the areas. This adds to the wedding experience...even giving a way for people to meet each other. Come for great food, good drinks, music and the ability to come celebrate love!"

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You Can Now Get Ben Higgins To Emcee Your Wedding

“The Bachelor alum Ben Higgins has teamed up with DiningOut Events to create “The Wedding Party,” a mass wedding ceremony, reception, and festival all rolled into one. Yes, you read that correctly. Because going to one wedding over the weekend isn’t enough, you can now celebrate 12, Coachella style.”

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Save the Date: The Wedding Party

DiningOut spoke with Ben Higgins for the full scoop, including festival details and the inspiration behind it all. Full Article Here

Meet the Wedding Planning Expert Behind the Scenes of The Wedding Party

“But amidst the noise and glamour of a party of this caliber are 12 couples sharing one of the most intimate and important days of their lives. That’s where Calluna Events comes in. The “CallunaCrew,” as they’ve affectionately dubbed themselves, are stepping in to make sure The Wedding Party isn’t just one of Denver’s best new festivals, but that it’s still each couple’s dream day.” Full Article Here


The Bachelor Alumnus Ben Higgins Is Co-Hosting A Mass Wedding Party In Denver

“Although all of the couples will be married on the same stage at the same time, DiningOut Events is planning for each bride to walk down the aisle by herself, and each couple will get a chance to exchange personal vows before exchanging rings and saying ‘I do’ together.”

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