On Sunday, September 1st, 2019, 10 couples will get married together on one stage with our officiant, Ben Higgins. The couples have invited their friends and family to witness this groundbreaking event…and we are extending that invitation to a very limited amount of outside guests! We are calling these tickets “Wedding Crasher” tickets, but these guests are expected to show up in their formal attire, ready to celebrate each and every one of the couples participating! It’s like that one movie about wedding crashing… except you don’t have to come up with a cover story or even bring a gift. Just be ready to mingle with 2,000 guests in your best formal attire!

As a Wedding Crasher, you’ll enjoy tastes from our 24+ restaurants and unlimited sips from our 26+ beverage brands. Did we mention we have a 30 foot dessert table? All the bites from there are included too! Once you’ve had your fill, check out the wedding themed activations around the event. We cannot confirm nor deny that wedding alpacas could be involved.

And oh, the music. There will be a flavor for every taste as our band takes the stage and the dance floor will fill with intermingled revelers enjoying musical styles that span multiple genres and moods as the evening progresses. Top photographers and videographers will capture every angle. Wedding cakes and desserts will be taken to new levels.

It’s never been done before - and we can’t wait for you to join us. Click the link below to grab tickets and secure your invitation to The Wedding Party hosted by Ben Higgins.